State of the TAM - 23 March

Win of the Week - A packet of GF pasta

Social isolation should be easier. I’ve been a freelancer and writer for years. The sofa is my office and years ago I pioneered the ‘lounging pant’, under the logic it’s only pyjamas if you sleep in them.

Now that I CAN’T go out though (asthmatic), I feel quite itchy down in my bones. I just want to go over the road for Cadbury’s Caramel/Jelly Beans/Ice Cream. Stupid weak lungs.

HOWEVER, I had Swine Flu and it was horrendous. I didn’t sleep for weeks and I was delirious. I was just randomly sick because I was so weak that any exertion was like two hours of intense exercise. It took months before I felt better, and it left my lungs way worse than before.

Covid-19 is DEGREES worse than that. So, other than a quick trip to the doctor’s this morning to sort out a problem with my prescriptions I am staying on lock down.


At least I have a puppy for company! He really is doing a lot to make this far more tolerable and distract me from any paranoia about the ‘rona.

Deal of the Week

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Must Read of the Week

Maybe if I pretend I am part of an experiment to see how people will survive living on Mars the whole social isolation thing will be easier. Plus, it is interesting!

In 2013, I packed a bag and moved into a geodesic dome where I lived with five other people, all of us pretending to be astronauts on a mission to Mars. It was a strange time in my life, but NASA funded it: an isolation experiment called HI-SEAS on the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa, where, for four months, our crew of six gave scientists our physical, psychological, and social health data in the hope that it might make a future trip to the red planet better for some hypothetical future crew.

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This is how a bat pees!

And one more puppy for the road!

Look at Jax. He is ready to leave the shire on a grand adventure :) Hey! It is cold in the mornings and he has to pee outside! #writingstaffie #staffiesofinstagram
March 21, 2020