State of the Tam - 28 July

I can see so many shades of pink...

What’s Up?

Actually there’s only a few shades of pink, because I’m very slightly color-blind. Still! You get the point. I’ve been doing a lot of graphics work today and I have eye-strain so bad I feel like my pupils are spinning. I’m happy with the end result though! It’s for some marketing bumph, so PROBABLY not gonna see it till next year. Might give you guys a sneak peek once I’ve got everything printed though!

I am on the final edits of my two SOOPER SEKRIT PROJECTS. I am not in charge of herding the cats on this one, so I can tell you guys NOTHING! Only that I did design another cover, which I think came out pretty nice. I’ll share once Cat-Herder-in-Chief gives permission (they’re a real dragon! :D)

Pupdate of the Week

Jax, the #writingstaffie, is 7 months old yesterday! He’s Adventure Jax!

Deal of the Week

There’s 55% off John Inman books at Dreamspinner Press!


Terrible things are happening in the tiny town of Spangle, California. Creatures never before seen explode from the shadows. Hunter becomes prey.  Man becomes food.

After seeing his lover torn apart before his eyes, Terry Jones sets out with his little pug, Bruce, to escape the mayhem. Secluding himself in a mountain cabin, he lies low, expecting death at every moment. So lonely he almost welcomes it.

From the dreadful emptiness of this terrifying new world where every breath might be his last, a stranger appears. And beyond all imagining, love enters the picture yet again.

With someone at last to hold, Terry rediscovers his zest for life--and his fear of death.

Finally, with Jonas James at his side, he finds the courage to fight back.

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Stumptown only got a slot of my viewing schedule because I like Cobie Smoulders. It has ended up being one of my favorites. It’s not a ‘commit to fandom’ show, but it’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy the characters.

Must Read of the Week

I originally had an article about dinosaurs queued up, but it was bumped just so I could point out that ‘shy-copath’ is, like, the worst phrase to have coined ever.

Most agree that psychopaths are remorseless people who lack empathy for others. But in recent years, much of this debate has centered on the relevance of one particular personality trait: boldness.

I’m in the camp that believes boldness is critical to separating out psychopaths from the more mundane law-breakers. It’s the trait that creates the veneer of normalcy, giving those who prey on others the mask to successfully blend in with the rest of society. To lack boldness, on the other hand, is to be what one might call a “shy-chopath.”

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I know that there is a lot of bad feeling between people who color-co-ordinate their books and those who don’t…but I can’t help but be impressed by the range. If I colour co-ordinated my books it would be the world’s most rubbish looking gradient…a huge swathe of black, a bit of red, some acid green on the tail end…

The Linen Hall Library is one of my favourite spots in Belfast.

I guess if you WANNA be haunted that’s up to you.