State of the TAM - 18 Aug

Year of the binge-watch...

What’s Up?

It has been A Week! I know it is only Tuesday, but I still stand by my statement!

Yesterday Jax went to his first puppy obedience class. He was not the worst puppy there! He was pretty good in fact, wanted to go and play with everyone else but he did his ‘sit’ and his ‘down’ and MOSTLY paid attention when I needed him to.

It was fun! Next week we’re doing ‘Settling’ training, to teach him to go and lie down on command. Which will be good when I’m painting or whatever.

Which was the other big news…at least to me. I painted the living room over the weekend. When I got the paint I thought it was going to be just a quick freshen up, but wow! That room really needed three coats of paint apparently. I have finally picked all the paint out of my hair and the room is looking much brighter. Despite his nosiness, Jax only got some paint on his nose.

We have also got the publication date for the SOOPER SEKRIT PROJECT. So we should get cover reveals and blog tours sorted soon. It’ll be fun. I really enjoyed working with everyone involved.

Pupdate of the Week

Sometimes even the #writingstaffie needs the afternoon off. Thanks @rhysford_author for the pool :)
August 11, 2020

I agree with the message. I mean, wear a mask. Don’t kill anyone. …KINDA don’t feel that ‘don’t kill anyone’ is a maxim that this bunch are living by.

Recommendation of the Week

Rhys Ford dips back into the Sinners world with this collection of short stories. A must read for fans of the Crossroads Gin rockers :D

The Sausage, the Legend, the Doxie deserves every biscuity bit!

Poor @gunther_the_dachshund is on a very restricted diet for pancreatitis, so I made him some biscuits that fit his needs for his birthday.

(Aka how you know your dog owns you instead of the other way around.)
August 4, 2020

Must Read of the Week

Now, obviously, as a writer I’m not too keen on AI’s generating articles and/or fiction. On the other hand, as a big ole SF nerd of long-standing the evolution of articial intelligence is fascinating. At what point does programming become thought? At what point does thought become programming? I mean, there research that suggests that human intelligence developed to host and spready memetic information. Then there’s the Nature and Nurture debate, isn’t that programming of a sort?

A college kid’s fake, AI-generated blog fooled tens of thousands. This is how he made it.

“It was super easy actually,” he says, “which was the scary part.”

paper fortune teller ai

At the start of the week, Liam Porr had only heard of GPT-3. By the end, the college student had used the AI model to produce an entirely fake blog under a fake name.

It was meant as a fun experiment. But then one of his posts reached the number-one spot on Hacker News. Few people noticed that his blog was completely AI-generated. Some even hit “Subscribe.”

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Mic Drop of the Week!

C.S. Poe @cs_poe
A Friend in the Dark, written by me and @tekhnemakre is now available for pre-order:… Coming Sept. 8! A suspicious death in NYC brings together a snarky CI and grumpy Army vet, and the mystery they uncover just might be the death of them as well.

I hate the taste of cilantro. I also can’t smell asparagus wee. One day I need to find out if I can sniff out arsenic or not. (Probably not. I had arteries in my nose cauterised when I was a kid. Now my sense of smell is awful.) I would 100% be tempted to do this just to freak out the friends who do love cilantro!