State of the TAM - 18 May

So many beards on TV now

What’s Up?

Errmmm…really don’t know!

I have become something of a curtain twitcher? This new hobby is complicated by the fact that we all have to maintain 2m from each other, so gossip either has to just be yelled across a fence or mouthed pointedly, with copious eyebrow action to convey the subtleties.

So far as I can tell, my neighbor directly opposite is trapped in Thailand. I’d thought he moved out, but no. He’d flown out before the lock down was announced, and then didn’t take any of the flights back. So now he’s trapped there for the foreseeable.

…we’re not really a very interesting street at the moment. The goss used to be much more juicy.

Jax, the writing staffie, continues to be a joy. A joy that dug another inexplicable hole in the garden, but still a joy. Despite the whole lockdown issues, he remains really friendly with both people and dogs. So that’s good!

Look, it gets cold here and he’s a pampered baby.

I love corvids (not covid). There used to be a family of magpies that nested in the tree near my house and they were charming.

I cackled. A lot. Entertainment is hard to find.

THIS IS AMAZING! Kind of reminds me of that episode of Hannibal.

I loved Some Girls when it was on. It was a sort of English precursor to Derry Girls….slightly less politics :D