State of the Tam - 1st Sept

Blog tours, news, and more

What’s Up?

It has been a week of organizing things!

The blog tour for Bad, Dad, and Dangerous is being put together as we speak. Stay tuned for more info once all i’s have crossed and the t’s dotted… Wait? Kidding! Right now, everything is in hand.

If you’re champing at the bit for more details, well you’re going to have to wait! But…you can get ready for the Wolf at the Door blog tour in October! Expect exclusive content, information about the author and the world, and prizes. Also a rather cute blog tour gif that I’m MODERATELY proud of.

Thanks again to all the blogs that are hosting me for this tour!

Pupdate of the Week

Jax KILLED IT at puppy obedience class this week! He climbed on wobbly things and prickly things, he sat, he ignored the trainer when he was meant to (mostly! Once! It counts!). He remains the social butterfly of the group though!

A: Mark Ward is an extremely good writer. He once made me start a critique with ‘you talented asshole!’.

B: I love the cover of this! It’s fun and evocative and charming.

Deal of the Week

Get $1 off all $10 dollar + eBook orders from Dreamspinner Press! Just use the Coupon: Dailydeal.

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I love Hilda.

Recommendation of the Week

I do love a good rock and roll romance :D.

If he was a king in the Middle Ages, his sobriquet would have been Grunt the Disgruntled.

No one asked me if I wanted a sister. I would have said no.

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August 30, 2020

Must Read of the Week

I don’t know if I agree with this advice. Can you imagine someone writing this to a C-Suite executive in their company? I used to get told that my writing style was too stern because I underused question marks and exclamation points.

Still, it tickles me to imagine someone writing it to me. I mean, I’m an author! I have written a novel!?!

(As an aside, I still remember my neighbor went into Waterstones to support me by asking if they had my first book on the shelves. Then, when they asked if she wanted them to order it in, she fixed them with a disgruntled look and said, ‘Oh no, I wouldn’t read it!’ And left.)

Life Would Be Better If We Added This Line to Every Email

It may seem off-putting at first, but in time we’ll all be thankful.


One CEO has a simple solution:

“I work a lot through email and text. I make it my goal to review what has come in and separate those that I can answer,” says Beth Ford, the chief executive of Land O’ Lakes, in a recent interview with Fast Company.

“I also always say to my team: ‘Please don’t write me a novel, I won’t read it.’ I just don’t have the time. Instead, write in the subject line what it is that this is about. And tell me upfront–is a decision needed, or do you need me to look at something, or is it a ‘When you have time, take a look at this’?–so I can prioritize effectively and be responsive when I need to be.”

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I…really wanna try one of these? I don’t think I’d like it, but look at it!