State of the TAM - 7 July

2020 gets nothing from me!

What’s Up

Look, I’m taking a mulligan on 2020. So this year I’m gonna have an UNbirthday, because this garbage year doesn’t deserve acknowledgement. So I’m having a UNbirthday sale as well.

July 10-14 Get TA Moore eBooks 40% Off for an Unbirthday Sale

Weekly Pupdate

He regrets nothing! Honestly, I have no idea how he got his choppers on the toilet roll. I THINK he snaffled it earlier and then brought it out to destroy once I was distracted. For a little white dog, he’s very sleekit!

I have friends who should DEFINITELY try this and take video for me!

Must Read of the Week

I would absolutely love to be the sort of person who would just take off on a road trip in a campervan, with nothing but my pupper and googlemaps. I am absolutely not that person. I get stressed out trying to find parking in Derry when I’ve not been there for a while.

The closest to adventure I’ve ever got? Ok, one time in Spain I slept in my car in a rest stop. I spent the whole night anxiously sweating what Stephen King horrors were in the dark around me.

Oh, and once I was driving back from Manchester at 1am and ended up having to pull off and find a hotel. It was so grubby I slept in my clothes and then went home the next morning to scrub myself down with artisan soap*.

*It was very REFRESHING soap, in that it turned out to have little bits of pumice in it. Never scrubs tender bits with pumice soap.

Still, imagine just following these roads? It would be so cool.

America’s Loneliest Roads, Mapped

An interactive map highlights the least traveled routes in the country—and some of the most scenic.


Among road-trip enthusiasts, the Alaska Highway is a favorite. It runs more than 1,300 miles, dazzling travelers with tundras and sightings of eagles, caribou, and the like.

But if you want to take the road less traveled, a study by the GPS-company Geotab suggests you should go north to the James W. Dalton Highway, Alaska’s hidden gem. It runs 414 miles from Fairbanks to Deadhorse, and sees mostly ice road truckers, with few service stations and small towns in between. You would, however, be greeted by majestic snow-covered mountains and glimpses of the Yukon River.

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This is just beautiful.

Eeep! So cute!

I quite enjoyed this (watched a few episodes last year), but it never really clicked somehow. Maybe give it a go again once it comes out over here/or is available to buy.