State of the TAM - Aug 25


What’s Up?

It is FINALLY time to unveil the SOOPER SEKRIT PROJECT that I’ve been working on! I am delighted to announce that I am included in the Bad, Dad, and Dangerous anthology along with Rhys Ford, Bru Baker, and Jenn Moffatt. It was awesome to work with such talented authors and lovely people on this idea.

Pre-orders are available now, and the anthology will be released on Oct 6.

(Now for months of me trying to remember not to call it Dad, Bad, and Dangerous :D)

There is TECHNICALLY a V2 announcement still to come :D but that’s not quite ready!

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Jax went to his second obedience class this week. He didn’t do quite as well, but it was mostly based around settling behavior (he has eaten every bed we got him) and not charging the food bowl (which he has no interest in doing). We did work a bit on his jumping up at people! Which is good. He just wants to love everyone, but he’s a muddy little goblin a lot of the time.

Recommendation of the Week

Look, frankly I think more people should take Eldritch Horror Gods from Outer Space away from Lovecraft. They deserve better. It sounds fun. What more can you ask for in your interstellar abomination gods?

For the few people who’ve read my novel #mischiefmaker and wondered what the board game #monstercrunch actually looked like, here it is! Found it in my parents loft and had to bring it home with me! #lofttreasures #boardgames #animallark #andileewrites #mmromance #geekyfun
August 23, 2020

Must Read of the Week

I find this sort of study fascinating. I’ve spent…probably too much time to productive…online arguing with people who claim they wouldn’t fall for a cult-leader/scammer/con-artist because they’re too smart/wary/informed. The truth is that the smarter and more intellectually curious you are, the easier it is to fall for something like a cult if you’re in an emotionally vulnerable spot. Because most of the time, cults don’t have time to commit a whole lot of work to A.N Other recruit…so you have to do the majority of the heavy lifting.

I mean, I have never walked past a BOGOF deal in the supermarket :D

Don’t Get Fooled or Conned Again — Here Are the 5 Tactics to Look out For

People and businesses routinely use five techniques to get us to do what they want, says presenter and broadcaster Alexis Conran. Here’s  how to recognize them.


Most of us get fooled or conned on a regular basis. No, we’re probably not falling for Ponzi schemes or those “send us your password” phishing emails. But we set aside our better judgement all the time in less dramatic instances — we go for the “buy two, get one free” offer at the drugstore and walk away with more band-aids than we can use in 20 years; we order the chef’s daily special because it sounds, well, special but it’s really the restaurant’s way to off-load fish on the verge of going bad; or we get distracted from an alarming increase in crime in our community by a press conference from the mayor where she touts a promising rise in high-school test scores.

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