State of the TAM - June 24

How many macadamias can one woman eat?

What’s Up?

A package of macadamia nuts arrived in the post last week. This is because Rhys Ford is a good friend for whom hope springs eternal that I’ll learn to eat macadamias with any sort of moderation. To date, I have not!

I am still writing the final Wolf Winter book. This was the first book that I published with Dreamspinner (the second I submitted!) and the first series that I have wrapped up. So it is both bittersweet and nerve-wracking as I work towards the inevitable end. Hopefully, though, it will also be satisfying. I think it is. The characters wish I’d get to the satisfying bit and away from the awful things that have to happen a bit quicker.

two gray wolves

You won’t see it for a bit though. The next book up is Dead Man Stalking. I’ve mentioned the cover reveal on Joyfully Jay before, but this is my newsletter so - 27 June, don’t miss it! Genuinely, I think this cover is awesome. I gave my artist this list of things I expected and exactly what I wanted and she did this instead! :D OK, so I also got a cover that incorporated all the elements I thought I wanted. Her vision was just better. As an author, where covers are concerned know what you like and what you want. It’s your book, and you need to make sure it looks the best it can. However, do listen to your cover artist. They know what they’re about!

I might do an open thread on Thursday for discussion. See how it goes!

Dead Man Stalking is the 10th books I’ve published with Dreamspinner and I’ll have to think of something to do to celebrate that properly.

At some point this week I will get new glasses. So that will be exciting for next Monday!

Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers Wanted

The Paranormal Romance Guild are looking for new reviewers! So if you like a sneak peek at upcoming books and can talk for hours about your favourites? Check it out here!

Reviewers Wanted

Book Rec of the Week

I was actually in the room with Rhys Ford when the germ of an idea for this book was first born. Initially, I thought it was a spider*…so it was a relief when it turned out to be a fast-paced novel that balances edge-of-the-seat thrills with a patient exploration of how these two men, who would seem to have little in common, deal with putting back together lives that are very different than what they had expected. Also a lot about food**.

Grab it now and find out why it’s better than a spider!

*We were both sitting writing, and I realised that Rhys had stopped typing. I looked up and she was looking fixedly at a spot just behind my head with a VAGUELY CONCERNED expression.

Me: Is there a spider?”

Rhys: What?

Me: Is there a spider on the wall? Is it a big spider? Is that what you’re looking at?

Rhys (to paraphase): What? No! I was thinking of writing Ramen Assassin.

Me: Huh? So, to be clear, is there a spider?

There was no spider and Ramen Assassin is now available to pre-order!

**I have never actually eaten ramen. So I have no idea about that side of things, but Rhys is usually a pretty good cook so we can probably trust her on that :D

Ramen Assassin

Ramen Assassin by Rhys Ford
Ramen Assassin: Book One

When life gives Kuro Jenkins lemons, he wants to make ponzu to serve at his Los Angeles ramen shop.

Instead he’s dodging bullets and wondering how the hell he ended up back in the Black Ops lifestyle he left behind him. After rescuing former child star Trey Bishop from a pair of thugs in the middle of the night, he knows it’s time to pick up his gun again. But it seems trouble isn’t done with Trey, and Kuro can’t quite let go… of either the gun or Trey Bishop.

Trey Bishop never denied his life’s downward spiral was his own fault. After a few stints in rehab, he’s finally shaken off his Hollywood bad-boy lifestyle but not his reputation. The destruction of his acting career and his relationships goes deep, and no one trusts anything he says, including the LAPD. When two men dragging a dead body spot him on a late-night run and try to murder him, Trey is grateful for the tall, dark, and deadly ramen shop owner he lusts over—not just for rescuing him, but also for believing him.

Now caught in a web of murders and lies, Trey knows someone wants him dead, and the only one on his side is a man with deep, dark secrets. Trey hopes Kuro Jenkins will stick around to see what the future holds for them once the dust settles, but from the looks of things, neither of them may survive to find out.

Buy Now

Random Stuff that Caught my Attention

These are made OUT OF BREAD! I have no idea how Izuyo does these, I assume some wheaten witchcraft, but they are amazing. I can’t eat bread so anything involving bread based food is usually lost on me, these could be ART though.

I am pretty sure this method of peeling garlic is less likely to end in me at the hospital with my finger cut open.

What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane

Five years ago, a Malaysian plane disappeared in circumstances that were catnip to conspiracy theorists and true crime fans alike. In this article in The Atlantic William Langewiesche methodically tracks down the details of what actually happened that day until we are left with what most be admitted to be the most likely scenario. Langewiesche dispassionately dispatches various theories, points out mistakes and overlooked details, and ends up somewhere that is somehow more quietly disturbing than the most outlandish plots of the internet.

The mystery surrounding MH370 has been a focus of continued investigation and a source of sometimes feverish public speculation. The loss devastated families on four continents. The idea that a sophisticated machine, with its modern instruments and redundant communications, could simply vanish seems beyond the realm of possibility. It is hard to permanently delete an email, and living off the grid is nearly unachievable even when the attempt is deliberate. A Boeing 777 is meant to be electronically accessible at all times. The disappearance of the airplane has provoked a host of theories. Many are preposterous. All are given life by the fact that, in this age, commercial airplanes don’t just vanish.

Beautifully written with restrained yet empathetic language, this is a compelling read.

Music of the Week

I love this song. Don’t judge me, but I have five different versions of Old Town Road on my playlists :D.

Useless Site of the Week!


Just go. Make a frog.

Make a Frog

Podcast Challenge

I would very much like to be someone who listens to podcasts. The problem is that I get bored and I either get distracted from the podcast by what I’m doing, or distracted from what I’m doing by the podcast.

I successfully listened to Alice Isn’t Dead (and so should you! It is excellent) while I was powerwashing the deck so I could varnish it. Now I’m going to try again. So I’ll start this today and let you know next week if I got through one whole episode of not!

Gotta admit, it’s got a bit of an uphill battle since I was SUCH a huge Revolution fan back in the day. Still, I like Rami Malek and I enjoyed Mr Robot too, so let’s crack on!

Academy Award® winner Rami Malek stars in this apocalyptic thriller as a small-town radio DJ fighting to protect his family and community after the power grid goes down nationwide, upending modern civilization.

BLACKOUT stars and is executive produced by Rami Malek and produced by QCode and Endeavor Audio.


Written and created by Scott Conroy.

Directed by Shawn Christensen.

BLACKOUT is presented by Sonos.

New Episodes Tuesdays.

Blackout - Episode One

Poem of the Week

And I leave you with this link…toad hats! Have a good week!